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December 1, 2015

Easy DIY: Custom Christmas Ornaments

Transform inexpensive Christmas ornaments into custom creations by covering them in newsprint or coating them with glitter. Decoupage glue firmly seals the new finishes.


You’ll need plain ball ornaments, newsprint, glitter and decoupage glue.



1. Tear up pages from an old newspaper or book — using yellowed paper will give the ornament a nice vintage look.

2. Apply each torn piece to an inexpensive ball ornament using decoupage glue.

3. Once you’ve covered the entire surface of the ornament, seal it with another coat of decoupage glue.


1. Fill a paper or plastic plate with craft glitter.

2. Coat an inexpensive ball ornament in decoupage glue using a foam or paint brush.

3. Roll the ornament in glitter, let dry before hanging.


Michael Graydon


House & Home November 2012


Sarah Hartill