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December 28, 2015

Easy DIY: New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares how to make a DIY photo booth for New Year’s Eve. 

Jennifer-Koper-FeaturedImgI throw a number of parties over the holidays, but the one everyone loves most is my New Year’s Eve party. Last year I created a photo booth and it was a total hit. It kept people busy and moving around, and gave people something to laugh about. Here’s how to make one yourself – it’s super easy!

You’ll need a camera with a “burst mode” (your phone camera likely has this), tripod or small phone tripod, wooden skewers, props (I used tiny top hats and feathered boas), printable props (download them here), glue gun and hot glue, gold wrapping paper, painter’s tape, scissors, 2016 banner.

1. Cut wrapping paper into different sizes of circles. Tape them to the wall, along with the 2016 banner, to create a photo backdrop.

2. Print our downloadable props and cut them out. Use a hot glue gun to adhere them onto wooden skewers.

3. Create a photo booth by propping your camera on a tripod. Set your camera to “burst mode” so that when you click, it will take multiple shots one after the other.

Editor’s tip: Consider purchasing a small photo printer (I like this one, this one and this one) so you can print the pictures and give them out as party favors. Alternatively, share the pictures on a file sharing site after the party – just be sure to have a notebook by the photo booth where everyone can jot down their email address. 

nye diy
Jennifer’s cat getting ready for his close-up last New Year’s Eve!
Author: Jennifer Koper

Courtesy of Jennifer Koper