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November 29, 2011

Gift Ideas For Kids

I was just at Elte and couldn’t help but notice this great pop-up section for kids. This is a first for Elte, as they have never had product for children (aside from bedding). I have to say, I think they’ve got some really great products — just in time for the holidays! Have a peek at my picks:

This flock of butterflies sets a fun tone in the space. I wish my daughter still wanted to be a princess — these tutus simply tie on. I love the grey.

Pile these fun pillows up on any little person’s bed. Simple wooden toys like this guy to the right are hot right now. This polar bear is a great gift idea and would do double duty as a pretty object on a child’s bookshelf.

Or perhaps a cardboard doll house? They’re more affordable than the wooden ones, and hurray — not pink and plastic! Animal puzzles (right) are perfect for little hands.

You can’t go wrong with classic blocks. These little shoes are made from super soft leather — lightweight and completely adorable.

I love these sheepskin bears for their simplicity.

I had to take a picture of these lamps as well. How fun that these industrial cage shades have been prettied up with colourful little birds?

So if you’re stumped for children’s gifts, head down to Elte.

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Photo credits:
1-6. Morgan Michener