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January 25, 2011

Great Drapes

It’s winter and it’s cold … I don’t know about you, but sitting in a warm sunny window with a book is a little bit of heaven to escape the deep freeze (think house cat).

Looking around my living room last weekend (with book in hand), I starting thinking about all the things I want to freshen up this spring. Paint? Yes. Pillows? Sure, I’ll add some new patterns to the mix. Drapery? No thanks.

One thing that still makes me really happy is my living room drapes. Drapes are key in a room’s decor. Gosh, I had mine made ages ago, but I still really love them.

The Lee Jofa fabric is now discontinued in the grey — why? I don’t know, it’s so subtle and not too pattern-y. I still really like the pleated top too — traditional and clean. The fact that they are lined in a nice, heavy cotton and weighted properly adds to why they still look good.

If you’re in need of window coverings, consider a few key things:

  • Hang your drapes higher rather than lower, as this will help give your room height.
  • Consider what purpose the window coverings will serve — are they in a child’s room that gets a lot of sun? Will they need to block out light?
  • Make sure the drapes hit the floor — they should really “puddle” and sit on the floor with a few inches to spare, but with ready-mades, this is sometimes difficult.
  • Research both drapery and window styles, look at loads of inspiration and know your options — will you mount a blind inside the window frame or out?
  • Finally, weigh the pros and cons of custom coverings compared to ready-made ones — tricky windows likely will cost more, but the investment will be worth the effort.

This room’s simple pinch-pleat drapery is a perfect pairing with the traditional decor. Notice how the drapes are mounted above the transoms, playing up the height of these doors — pretty.

These simple roman blinds mounted inside these window frames help complete this room’s decor. Understated and perfect.

Very exciting news… Our former editor-in-chief Cobi Ladner is just launching a fab new line of products, just in time for spring.

Included in the Cobistyle collection are bright, beautiful ready-to-wear drapery panels.

Keep an eye out for them this spring at stores cross Canada.

This pocket drape from Anthropologie is an easy way to freshen a window.

If you have room on either side of your window, consider buying two panels per side and gathering the fabric. That way, your finished look will be beefier and look more custom (Midnight Courtyard Curtain from Anthropologie, $78 to $108 per panel).

For more great tips, read our article on How To Hang Curtains.

Photo credits:
1. Design by Allison Caccoma, photography by Jonny Valiant
2. Design by Ginger Barber, photography by Victoria Pearson
3. Virginia Macdonald
4. Midnight Courtyard Curtain, Anthropologie