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November 11, 2011

Holiday Greeting Cards

Before you roll your eyes at my way-too-early Christmas-themed blog, I must explain that this post is a roundup of Etsy cards, all of which require shipping. You can thank me when your cards arrive in time for the holiday season!

Suzanne Dimma’s recent blog post featured an H&H photo of a Christmas card bulletin board that reminded me to start hunting early for better cards this year. Although any card is greatly appreciated (especially in a world of impersonal e-cards), I especially love to receive an original, handmade or quirky greeting card in the mail. For cool and crafty, I always peruse Etsy. Here’s some of what I found:

Nothing says hipster better than a neon reindeer. Designed by Forestgirldesign, these flashy cards are offered in a variety of colours. Wouldn’t they be great as party invitations, too? You could colour-coordinate your whole soirée to one of these cards! Set of 5, $7.

For a more sophisticated look, HappyHound’s Whippet greetings offer an old world block print look. Every card was hand coloured with a touch of red and green. Set of 10, $13.50.

I love a simple design. This original Beetle print by e.m.papers delivers the message sans glitter or painted Santa! Instead of cards, the artist offers a PDF of her design to be printed at home or at your local printers. PDF image, $5.50.

It’s great when a card breaks the red-and-green mould! ChampagnePress designed this beauty on kraft paper and added a glittery touch: a Swarovski crystal embellishment on the centre of the embossed snowflakes. Set of 10, $30 (or purchase one for $4).

If you’re a sucker for winter landscapes, vandaliastreetpress sells some of the prettiest contemporary designs I’ve seen. Both cards shown above were made with the letterpress printing process, which creates slight variations in the printing — making every card unique! Both cards, set of 12, $26.

There are so many good designs on Etsy, I couldn’t possibly begin to show them all, so take a second (or an hour!) to take a look for yourself!

Photo credits:
1-6. Etsy