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August 18, 2015

How To Find A Handyman Online

It’s time to trade in your toolbox for your laptop. Jiffy, a new Toronto-based home improvement app, will help you fix home repairs faster than you can say “pass the hammer” – and it doesn’t involve doing-it-yourself or having a handyman on speed dial. Homeowners can now find an available professional by searching online at Everyone on the site has been personally vetted by the Jiffy team, and if you’re not fully satisfied with your service, they’ll send another professional or give a refund. Just give them your address and desired service, and you’ll be connected with available contractors in your neighborhood. It also lists the price upfront so you can avoid negotiating fees after-the-fact. It couldn’t be simpler.

“As a first time homeowner, I found it time consuming to find and schedule basic home services, let alone having to find my chequebook and file a paper invoice afterward,” says Paul Arlin, Co-founder at Jiffy. This led him to create a service that simplifies the process of finding a contractor down to a few mouse clicks. No paper trail or phone calls required – just a handyman at your door in a jiffy.

Author: Adena Leigh