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May 1, 2014

Interview: Todd Selby

Photographer, illustrator, director and author Todd Selby has been taking photos and videos of some of the most notable people in music, movies, food and design for the past seven years. Always choosing some of the brightest and buzziest people and spaces, Selby’s blog, The Selby, and books showcase the uniqueness that comes from the creative minds of our favourite artistic celebs. He has worked with everyone from Airbnb to Christian Louboutin to Lou Doillon to Fendi to American Express, and we nabbed an interview with him to discuss his latest, Fashionable Selby, where he ventures into the homes and workspaces of fashion’s elite.

House & Home: Your new book, Fashionable Selby, looks at homes and workspaces of fashion’s most talked about whereas your previous books looked at the homes of musicians, artists and culinary experts. Can you see a difference in how different types of creatives approach decor?

Todd Selby: No, I don’t see a difference. I think creative people very much follow their own path.

H&H: The book is 42 chapters and you spent three years travelling to complete it. What spaces really blew you away?

TS: The most colourful was Andrew Logan. It was just an explosion of colour; you can’t get more colourful than that!

H&H: Which room inspires you most? Is there one thing you always want to photograph?

TS: I’m very free. I like to take a tour and photograph whatever I think people will enjoy seeing. I don’t have a checklist but I really like collections. If they collect a certain thing or are passionate about something, I try to document that.

H&H: The rooms on your site and in your books are all very bright and decorated; your own space is much more minimalistic; is there a reason for this?

TS: I kind of collect so many things through my photos that I don’t shop as much as I used to. There’s no need.

H&H: You’ve worked on various collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton and Cole Haan, who else would you love to work with?

TS: Hermès, I talk about it in the book a bit. I have a great respect for what they do and I love their products.

H&H: Who’s house/workspace do you most want to photograph and why?

TS: Naomi Campbell — I love the ’90s supermodel.

Browse a gallery of creative work spaces from Todd’s latest book.