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May 10, 2016

Is Organic Furniture The Next Big Trend?

Sure, you’ve heard of furniture being made out of wood, metal, glass and plastic, but what about a chair made out of seaweed? Or a lamp made out of mushrooms?

Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt are taking the use of natural and raw materials to a whole new level. Their project Terroir, which describes the cultural and geological relationship between a product and its origin, uses seaweed and mushrooms to construct home furnishings. Their dedication toward organic materials grew from their childhood spent hanging out at the nature reserve in northern Denmark. 


The MYX lamp in the collection is grown into shape from the same fungal root material that produces mushrooms. The collection also includes chairs made of seaweed from Denmark’s beaches, where both the designers live. After the seaweed is collected, it’s dried, ground into a powder and cooked into a glue-like substance that is soft like cork. The products are modern, but with an earthiness that highlights the designers’ focus on sustainability.


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