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September 26, 2011

Kitchen Reno Progress

After Cameron MacNeil and I chose new cabinetry for my kitchen renovation, and AyA Kitchens & Baths drafted the layout, it was time to bring our ideas to life! (This blog is sponsored by AyA. Follow my kitchen reno progress here.)

First, we removed the cabinetry and I donated the ones in good condition to Habitat for Humanity, along with my appliances, which were still working well.

We laid down new floors before the cabinets were installed. I chose maple with a custom grey stain.

It took just two days to install the kitchen cabinets. AyA delivered the cabinetry and got right to work. On the first day, two AyA employees worked away, and on the second just one employee was needed to finish the job. They really knew their stuff and worked quite quickly.

After it was all assembled, AyA even cleaned up so I wasn’t left with debris everywhere! As you can see, we also had new lighting wired by this lighting contractor in West Palm Beach, FL. So exciting to see the changes!

With the cabinets in place, it was time to get our sources for the countertops and backsplash to add in those finishing details. Here’s the gorgeous Carrara marble we chose for the countertops. (AyA can suggest sources for tiles, countertops and more.)

Cameron spotted this light at a vintage shop down the street for $300. And, if you can believe it, found its twin at another vintage shop on the other end of the city for $200! What are the odds? The lights offer a bit of old-style contrast to the kitchen’s modern design.

We had classic white subway tiles installed with grey grout on the feature wall.

Then it was time for me to load up my kitchen! Here’s an AyA cupboard option that features two doors, but when open showcases four roll-outs. Drawers are great for seeing items kept at the back.

We even had our new dishwasher drawers outfitted with AyA cabinet facings for a seamless look.

Now, check out the after photos! Plus, get a peek of the new kitchen in this TV segment and learn more about AyA.

Photo credits:
1, 3, 4. Isabella Cairess Favaro
2, 5, 6. Cameron MacNeil
7-9. Jason Stickley