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March 11, 2013

Maltese Palace

Have you ever thought about going to Malta? Me neither, until I took a look at this palace in Rabat (a suburb of Mdina, a walled city that was once the island’s capital — thank you, internet). Let’s take a look at this Mediterranean villa.

Pairing the exposed beams with older-looking stonework is a great nod to the history of the island, where Bronze Age cities gave way to ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Goths, Vandals, Sicilians, Normans and eventually, retired Brits.

The listing calls this home the “Palace of the Countess” (though it doesn’t specify which countess) and, looking at these lavender walls and puddled drapes, I’m imagining a Dowager-like figure swanning about its rooms.

Another view of the same salon shows Caravaggio’s St. Jerome Writing (fun fact: the artist fled to Malta and worked there for a few years). Though this is the kind of property that could be home to a stellar private collection, the original painting is, alas, in Rome.

Apparently all the new furniture went into this room! (I’m not sure how the violin artwork would really pair with a Caravaggio masterpiece, anyway.) The rest of the house is just as modern, with two offices and five bedrooms, each with an ensuite.

There are no full exterior shots in the listing, but this glimpse has quite the expanse of stucco and glass. If you tire of swimming in your private pool — or relaxing in your private hammam spa — you can always take a dip in the many turquoise bays around the island.

For more Mediterranean inspiration, check out this villa on Sardinia.

Photo credits:
1-5. Wetag Consulting Immobiliare, via Christie’s Real Estate