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February 14, 2011

Mokuba Ribbons

Psst! Have you heard of Mokuba? If not, get down to Queen Street West in Toronto to check out this beautiful ribbon shop.

If you love textiles, crafts, or fashion, you will die for this store. Set up almost like a gallery, the space is bright and white and holds rack after rack of sumptuous ribbon.

They have every colour imaginable!

I especially love these striped and pleated ribbons. They would make a gorgeous detail on any storage box, lampshade or cushion.

They even stock tassels, fringe and trims in a rainbow of colours…

…and pure white lace as delicate as meringue.

But my favourite has always been their collection of ultra-luxe velvet ribbon. And the colours? So sophisticated and rich!

Some ribbons, like the velvet, are pricey, but lots of others are totally affordable. You’ll find every style, and every price. And luckily, with ribbon, a little goes a long way to embellish your home.

You can even wrap up a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift with some statement ribbon — satin always makes things seem extra-special. Check out Reiko Caron’s blog post from Friday for some simple gift ideas.

So why not check out Mokuba? It’s at 575 Queen Street West in Toronto, (416) 504-5358. Alison Dawson even invited our cameras in a few years back to demonstrate the perfect double bow. Check out the video!

Photo credits:
1-6. Michael Penney