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November 14, 2014

Playing With Pattern

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, there’s an easier way to do it than mixing patterns. While solid colour combinations are always a sensible choice (and a lot easier to get right), a few key tips can help you achieve the patterned space of your dreams.

1. Experiment with scale. To achieve a well-thought-out look, pick patterns of different sizes. Using small and large scale patterns adds variety and helps ensure your overall look feels curated, not cookie-cutter.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix styles. Just make sure they relate to the space. Each pattern should have a colourway that works with the other elements in the room. In this example, the tones and styles all have a 1920s English vibe, giving the room an aura of grandeur.

3. Begin with the biggest element. To be sure you get the right mix, start with the largest element in the space and choose your first fabric pattern there. From there, layer in patterns on smaller, less dominant pieces. In this living room, choosing the patterned rug first would be a good starting point.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Emily Evans

André Rider


Wallpaper and fabrics, Crescendo, Télio, Kravet; carpet, Tapis H. Lalonde & Frère; cubes, RH Restoration Hardware.


Maison & Demeure September 2013 issue


Richard Ouellette