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December 26, 2014

Pretty Party Favours

During the holiday party season there is undoubtedly lots to think about, but when it comes to party favours, a little something is just enough. Prepping a sweet treat or small memento for your guests to take home is the ultimate way to thank them for their presence, plus it’s one of the last things they’ll remember from the end of the night. In H&H’s December 2013 issue, senior design editor Margot Austin shared the idea of wrapping loose candy in pretty paper cones. Here’s how to pull off this sweet idea:

1. Buy in bulk. Instead of buying a pre-packaged treat (which can be a bit pricier), try buying bulk candy and making your own custom party mix, or stick to a signature candy — like Margot did with colourful gumdrops.

2. Reach for wrapping remnants. Leftover wrapping paper scraps can be a tidy size for this kind of project. Wallpaper remnants are another excellent choice (not to mention a bit sturdier). Line the cones with parchment or wax paper to keep the candy from bleeding through and seal with a pretty sticker.

3. Display in a tray. When it comes time to bid your guests farewell, have a tray handy holding your party favours. Here, a tarnished tray adds a warm patina to the display. Having it by the front door also ensures your treats aren’t forgotten.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Emily Evans

Donna Griffith


Tray, Elte; wallpaper (as cones), Rajah Stripe (BP3802), Farrow & Ball; silver seals, Michaels; blue teardrop ornament, HomeSense.


House & Home December 2013 issue


Margot Austin