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September 19, 2014

Smarter Walls

Insufficient storage may seem like a deal breaker, but luckily, an abundance of chic, new storage units make it easy to get the benefits of built-ins without the cost. There’s a catch — you’ll have to give up some wall space, which means fewer spots for wall art, but it’s worth it. Standing cabinets may take up a little more room, but they go a long way to cut down on small-space clutter. Here are three reasons why we love this idea.

1. Bright, reflective cabinets trick the eye. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, sacrificing 20″ along one wall can make your room feel larger — as long as you use the right materials! Choose cabinets with a light, reflective surface. They’ll bounce light, working like a mirror to make your room look brighter and more spacious.

2. One art-free wall focuses your home gallery on another wall. As important as art is in the home, lavishly decorated walls can look messy, especially in a small room. Instead, group your favourite pieces on a smaller wall, and use a larger wall for storage. Smooth, handle-free cabinets will help create that clean, curated look in your home.

3. They’re budget-friendly. Custom-built cabinets can be a huge investment, but many furniture brands offer fantastic freestanding storage solutions at affordable prices. These Ikea cabinets (above) look super-stylish and can be installed in a single afternoon. Easy!


Michael Graydon


Cabinets, rugs, armchair, boxes, Ikea.


House & Home August 2014 issue

Stylist: Sarah Hartill