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October 10, 2011

The Bells & Whistles Of 2011

Way back when the holiday previews were in full swing, I attended the LG electronics and appliances preview here in Toronto. I know red bows aren’t exactly what you had in mind for this Thanksgiving Monday, but all these fab products are now available, so I’m finally writing about them. Plus, after this weekend, isn’t it time to think about holiday shopping? Hm?

Here’s a look at how far technology has come in 2011:

LG had an entire entertainment system set up at the event, from a 3D TV to a Blu-ray disc player and wall-mounted speakers. I even donned the 3D glasses for a DVD viewing, and the quality was amazing! Combined with all those speakers, it felt like we were in the movie.

As an avid laundry lover (really, I am), I was excited to learn about all the new technology LG has added to their washers and dryers. Far left is a front-loading Ultra Capacity SteamDryer, designed to save you time by drying more clothes in less loads. Its Sensor Dry System also makes it easy on the energy bill because it won’t run longer than needed. The new Ultra Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer (right) is soft and gentle on clothing because it doesn’t have a centre agitator like most washers. Instead, magnetic technology in the drum controls the movement of clothing inside. Fancy! Plus, no agitator makes it more accommodating for large items like duvets and towels.

Their new Double Oven Electric Range would come in handy today, when many Canadians are bustling about their kitchens trying to juggle turkey and apple pie. As one of the largest double ovens on the market, it’s perfect for baking dessert before the turkey is ready. (All the multitaskers out there will know what I’m talking about.)

And finally, the Super Capacity Fridge boasts 30.7 cubic feet of crisp, cool storage. While it may not appeal to the condo set, it’s a sleek design that would suit a spacious, modern kitchen.

Photo credits:
Gwen McAuley