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July 6, 2012

Yay Or Nay? Artificial Grass

Summer’s been a real scorcher over here, so I’m always surprised to see the immaculate, plush lawns that surround my neighbourhood. Sure, a good gardener goes a long way, but it seems more and more homeowners are opting for a fuss-free lawn: one made of polyethylene. Growing up, I’ve never had to care for a lawn myself (thanks, Dad!), therefore I’m not one to understand the burden of caring for grass — so I’ll leave this debate up to you. But first, can you tell which of the following photos showcase real versus artificial grass?

Artificial Grass 40 MM : Patio, Lawn & Garden

The answer is: all these lawns are fake!

Sure, faux-lawns have come a long way since AstroTurf. They don’t require upkeep like irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers and keep a lush appearance year-round. They’re also the only viable option for many patios and rooftops… but how do they compare to the feel and smell of freshly cut grass? If you are planning to have an artificial turf installation, make sure to visit Arlington Turf Installers first to learn more about artificial grass. You can also weigh-in in the comments section below. I feel like actual grass like st. augustine grass is still better, but you have to spend some time to take care of it or you may hire lawn care services for regular maintenance. You can continue to learn more about lawn care and maintenance here.

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