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October 7, 2013

Ask A Designer: Dressing A Front Door For The Holidays

Q. We just moved into a century home, and I’d like to improve the look of the front door and decorate it for the holidays. The façade is neutral — does this mean I can go with any colour scheme?

— J.R., Stratford, Ont. (To submit your own question, see our Ask A Designer™ page.)

A: I found this shot of a festively dressed front door and thought it would be the perfect inspiration for you. Here, there’s a liberal use of texture instead of colour to make a welcoming and cheerful façade.

Mixing different types of boughs and potted plants, like boxwood, cedar and spruce, layers on warmth at the front door, and burlap wrapped around the pots adds another natural texture.

The only hint of colour is in the beautiful magnolia wreath, which is a quintessential holiday accent. If it’s hard to find one, a simple spruce wreath with a gold or silver bow will look just as handsome. Hang one so it’s centred in the window of your door.

If you’re considering permanent updates, I suggest changing your sconce to one with more presence. The Arts and Crafts styling of Rejuvenation’s Columbia large single sconce will complement your century-old façade.

I like the idea of a warm metal finish as an accent for your black door. Take a look at the Rectangular entry set with K205 Baker knob from Rocky Mountain Hardware. Its clean lines and patinated finish are a great mix of old and new.

An oval metal number plaque would be a nice authentic touch. This black and white one from Ginger’s has a vintage charm that will suit the era of your home.

Finally, a natural-fibre doormat, like the Trampa from Ikea (or even one a bit larger) is a must in the winter months; it will help remove snow and dirt from shoes, especially useful when lots of friends and family visit.

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