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DIY: Patterned Dresser

Covering the drawer fronts of a dresser is a chic way to add impact and looks even more dramatic than painting them.

  1. Choose a fabric with a large-scale print that runs across all of the drawers for a sophisticated statement.
  2. Remove the drawers from the dresser and take off the knobs.
  3. Measure each drawer, then cut pieces of bristol board to size. Use these templates to make sure you have enough pattern to cover all the drawer fronts, and to make sure you’re happy with how the pattern will look on each drawer.
  4. Mark your fabric and carefully cut it to size using a rotary cutter. Attach each piece of fabric using Mod Podge.
  5. Cover the knobs with fabric offcuts.
Author: Stacy Lee Kong

Valerie Wilcox


House & Home June 2016


Kai Ethier and Lauren Petroff