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April 24, 2013

Gardening In Style

When I think gardening, I think smelly fertilizer, digging through worms and a streak of dirt running the length of one’s forehead. You’ve got it, I am no gardener.

This idea will of course have to change once I have a flower patch of my own, hopefully sooner rather than later. So I’ve been making a list of fun planting things to make the experience less traumatic.

Leave it to Anthropologie to have a pretty wheelbarrow. Sticking my hands in the mud would be no chore at all with this little cart.

Textured planters in earthy tones are a must — West Elm has a colourful selection.

Some more good-looking motivation to pick up a spade. This one is from Indigo.

Garden markers are becoming quite popular in the garden industry, I hear. Gone are the days when people rummaged through their plot to find a tomato. These nifty ones, from Williams-Sonoma, made of steel and chalkboard paint are bound to survive the elements.

Plastic bucket, please make way for this stunning floral watering can from Anthropologie.

To start small, I’ve decided to unearth the green thumb I know I must have somewhere and plot an indoor herb garden. Check back soon to see how I made out.

See our Gardening & Outdoor Living section for more ideas.

Photo credits:
1. Sawati Wheelbarrow, Anthropologie
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