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September 23, 2013

Greek Revival Home In Saratoga Springs

Crowds and seasons wax and wane, but some summer hotspots never lose their allure. Take Saratoga Springs, N.Y., with its restorative springs and high-stakes horse racing. It may be less glitzy than it was in its heyday at the turn of the 20th century, but it hasn’t entirely lost its lustre. Not only are the races thriving and the springs still burbling, plenty of classic Saratoga homes — like this Greek Revival gem — are looking better than ever.

Complete with eagles poised to take flight off the front portico. I love how the two-storey porch is tucked away at the side of the house, mostly hidden from the road, but still welcoming and visible as you enter the property. You can ask porch builders how you can also achieve this.

And here’s the porch with refreshments already set out. Decorating the porch like another room of the house — there’s even a painting on the wall — really makes it feel like an extension of the indoor space. Could it be any more charming? Actually, yes — the porch’s second storey is screened in and has a beadboard ceiling. Both levels look out onto the 1 1/2 -acre grounds, which include a swimming pool.

Heading indoors, here’s the incredibly gracious foyer. After a year of writing this blog and researching hundreds of inspiring homes, I’m starting to put together a formula for the perfect country house. Naturally, it starts with a bright checkered floor + dutch door + classic pedestal table + drippy chandelier.

Kelly green might be making a comeback, but the pairing of that solid rug with a large floral print on white is reading a little grandmotherly to me. No matter — I still think it would be a dream to have a dinner party in these large, airy rooms. You’d start in the living room with cocktails, move to the dining room for the main course, and adjourn to the porch for coffee.

And here’s the library, where, according to the listing, “national and international diplomats, philanthropists, equestrian enthusiasts and other luminaries” have shared their thoughts. There are no photos of the principal suite, eight additional bedrooms, study, baths, or kitchen, but I’m willing to bet they’re equally gracious.

I think this place is a bargain: three storeys and 7,500 square feet for $2.5 million. Would you sprint to the finish and scoop this up?

Photo credits:
1–5: Stribling & Associates.