Decorating & Design

December 2, 2008

Open Concept Kitchen

Q. We are moving into an open-concept style bungalow. Our kitchen and great room are adjacent to one another. We will have hardwood floors in the great room and ceramic in the kitchen. Should my cabinetry match my ceramic or the hardwood?

— Rosanna, Toronto

A. The kitchen cabinetry doesn’t need to match the hardwood or ceramic floors. Different shades and tones of wood can work well together, offering interest and contrast. Depending on what colour/style your ceramic floors are, you could try to make your kitchen a more cohesive, separate space. For instance, if you are choosing cream or natural coloured ceramic, painted cabinetry in a warm off-white with dark granite or laminate countertops would be beautiful. This would still work well with the hardwood of the great room. Don’t be limited by the hardwood or the ceramic — choose cabinetry you love. Contrasting floors and cabinetry are a common, stylish design choice for open space plans. If stained wood cabinetry is the look you are going for, choose a warm cherry or walnut for a more traditional look or a natural maple for a more modern feel. Dark antique bronze or wrought iron hardware will a create country/traditional look while brushed nickel or chrome pulls will add a current feel to the kitchen.