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How To Paint A Checkerboard Floor

This clever paint job creates a classic bistro look underfoot, no renovation required.

Materials: Semigloss or latex paint, triangle and straight-edge rulers, chalk or painter’s tape and a small sponge roller.

Step 1: Select two complementary shades of paint. We used medium grey and white for an update on classic black and white tile.

Step 2: Paint the entire floor with two coats of the lighter color and let dry completely.

Step 3: Map out grid. Starting in the center of the room, tape off the outside of the squares that will be the darker shade, using a triangle ruler and straight edge to ensure 90º corners.

Step 4: Apply darker shade. Fill in the taped-off squares with the darker color, using a small sponge roller. Let dry completely. Repeat with a second and third coat if needed, then remove tape.

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William Waldron
House & Home Decorating With Color 2015
Decorators White (CC-20), Escarpment (CC-518), Benjamin Moore.

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