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Wallpapers For Spring

I think spring is aaaaalmost here and with that in mind, I think it’s time we dream about freshening up our homes with colour and pattern. What’s the best way to do that? Wallpaper!

I’m loving many of the patterns and colours from Thibaut, sold in Canada through Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics and Kravet. Why not try some of these looks on for size?

How fantastic is this raspberry and gold wallpaper in this traditional interior? It’s a front hall, and I think it’s an amazing way to make an entrance!

This paper comes in lots of other colours, too.

This modern Ikat print brings a little of that global trend into your space — or maybe a lot!

I love it in this fresh blue and green, but also in pink and green and rich blue. I can see this paper paired with traditional furniture and antiques for a fresh, new mix.

Finally, check out this stylized flora print in a large scale. It’s totally hip in this hot pink with orange, but I think the lavender is perfect for spring. The deep blue is a little more classic and would be fantastic with lots of white trim and rustic elements.

Spring is almost in the air, and wallpaper is an easy way to bring that feeling home. Give it a try!

For more great patterns, see our Wallpaper Shopping Guide photo gallery.

Photo credits:
1. Gatehouse Collection, April in Coral, T4751, Thibaut
2a. Gatehouse Collection, April in Metallic on Pink, T4752, Thibaut
2b. Gatehouse Collection, April in Metallic on Green, T4750, Thibaut
2c. Gatehouse Collection, April in Metallic on Aqua, T4748, Thibaut
3. Avalon Collection, Island Ikat in Aqua & Green, T9170, Thibaut
4a. Avalon Collection, Island Ikat in Pink & Green, T9168, Thibaut
4b. Avalon Collection, Island Ikat in Blue, T9169, Thibaut
4c. Avalon Collection, Island Ikat in Beige & Grey, T9167, Thibaut
5. Avalon Collection, Ecuador in Pink, T9251, Thibaut
6a. Avalon Collection, Ecuador in Lavender, T9254, Thibaut
6b. Avalon Collection, Ecuador in Navy, T9249, Thibaut
6c. Avalon Collection, Ecuador in Avocado, T9250, Thibaut