December 15, 2015

5 Stylish Ways To Fold Your Napkins

Use a well-starched napkin that will help the petals hold their shape.

  1. Fold all four napkin corners into the centre then press flat.
  2. Repeat with the newly created corners, folding them into the centre and pressing again.
  3. Hold the centre points together and carefully flip napkin over.
  4. Fold the four corners into the centre again, but do not press.
  5. Holding the centre down firmly, partly pull out the previous folds from beneath each corner, pulling them upwards to create the petals.

  1. Fold napkin in half horizontally.
  2. Fold in half vertically, left side over right.
  3. Fold the right third of the napkin towards the centre.
  4. Fold the left third so it meets the far edge. Turn napkin over and lay it flat on plate or table.

    1. Fold the napkin into six equal pleated sections, accordion style.
    2. Fold the corner of each pleat inward.
    3. Fold the left end of the napkin one third of the way to the right.
    4. Fold half of that same part backwards.
    5. Fold the right end of the napkin one third of the way to the left.
    6. Fold half of that same part backwards.
    7. Gently pull the corners lying on top up towards the middle to create a fanned look.

  1. Fold bottom edge of napkin up to top edge.
  2. Fold top layer down to meet bottom edge.
  3. Fold all bottom layers back up to about half way. For a longer look, turn up only the upper bottom layer. Smooth out and turn napkin over.
  4. Bring the left side of the napkin into the centre and then do same with right side.
  5. Tuck one half of the napkin deep into the other half, locking the napkin flat. Turn over and insert flatware into the pocket.

The proportions are key to getting the right look for this design, so you may need to adjust the folds slightly as you go through the steps.

  1. Begin by holding napkin to create a diamond shape.
  2. Fold the pointed corner closest to you to just below the opposite corner to form a triangle.
  3. Fold newly created bottom edge up so that its top edge sits just below the top corner.
  4. Fold the front edge down.
  5. Bend the left and right corners backwards and tuck one into the other to form a tube that won’t pop open.