Decorating & Design

November 2, 2020

Inside The 2020 Princess Margaret Showhome By Brian Gluckstein

“You hardly need to turn on the lights in this house,” says Brian Gluckstein from the sunlit, two-storey foyer of this year’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery Showhome in swanky south Oakville, Ontario. Although he’s quite right, it’s hard to resist flicking on any of the impressive fixtures dotted around the house like jewelry. It’s Brian’s eighth time spearheading the design of the grand-prize abode and his passion hasn’t waned one bit.

This year, the Gluckstein Design Planning team created a 7,500-square-foot modern dwelling bejewelled with Art Deco flourishes. “The Deco influence is subtle, but it’s the foundation of our design,” says Brian of the five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath manor. “We want to design showhomes that are going to age well,” says Brian, who’s lived in his own home for more than 20 years and still loves it just as much today as he did two decades ago.

Houses of this calibre needn’t boast, but with fine finishes such as the fluted plaster walls reminiscent of special-occasion stemware and painstakingly inlaid tile floors seemingly plucked from a centuries-old castle, it’s hard not to ogle a little. “The craftsmanship here is unbelievable,” says Brian of the home, part of the lottery’s annual grand prize, which includes the Oakville house, a Porsche and a hefty cash payout. Tickets are currently sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this luxurious tour — and keep an eye out for the Spring 2021 Princess Margaret Showhome by Sarah Baeumler. Scroll down!