Decorating & Design

November 30, 2017

A Look Inside Toronto’s Historic Broadview Hotel

The Broadview Hotel on Toronto’s east side is poised to do for the surrounding neighborhoods what game-changers like The Drake and The Gladstone hotels did for the city’s hip Queen St. West scene: turn them into cultural, shopping and culinary hotspots. “We knew the potential and the opportunity, but we wanted the hotel to have its own identity,” says Matt Davis, a partner at DesignAgency. The Toronto-based firm did the Broadview’s interior design, which often nods to the historic building’s past as the infamous Jilly’s gentleman’s club in clever tongue-in-cheek fashion. The transformation is jaw-dropping in many ways: what was once a grim, gritty corner is now a sunny spot for Sunday brunch, a favorite place for rooftop cocktails, and a fun place to check-in for a weekend visit or staycation. Here’s a closer look…

Author: Kimberley Brown

Worker Bee / Joel Levy (The Civic restaurant and bar, mushroom toast)