City Homes

May 25, 2023

A Contemporary Envelope Meets Warm, Earthy Decorating In A Newly Built House By Aly Velji

While growing up in Yellowknife, Sophia Dobrowolski lived in a large open-plan house, thanks to her modernist architect father, Gino Pin. Her home with her husband, Peter Dobrowolski, was a little different. In 2010, they bought a two-bedroom condo in downtown Edmonton where they lived for more than a decade. But now, with three small children, the family was ready to move.

“It was important to us to be near the river valley,” says Sophia of their three-year search for something bigger. “Peter bikes or runs to work and we only have one vehicle, so we also wanted to stay close to downtown.” When a tiny house in the Glenora neighborhood came up in 2019, they jumped. It was near the city core and sat on a private, pie-shaped lot flanked by two lanes; here, they could build a home from the ground up. “My father always said, ‘You build a house on what a lot offers, not what you want the house to be,’” says Sophia. The couple turned to Gino, Sophia’s 87-year-old, now retired father to design the house. To realize his vision, they hired Calgary’s Alloy Homes for the build. When the envelope was nearly complete, Alykhan Velji Designs stepped in to tackle the interiors.

Scroll down for a look inside the newly built home in Edmonton!