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June 20, 2022

See A Sleek City Yard In Midtown Toronto

Handsome and lush, yet totally fuss-free, this midtown Toronto yard is the stuff of any urban gardener’s dreams. Designer Kate Zeidler and landscape architect Inese Bite joined forces to bring the spacious plot to life. Their vision? A tranquil, multifunctional retreat: “A place where the owner, a young bachelor, could entertain friends, barbecue and just savor a garden in the heart of the city,” says Kate.

Another goal was having the yard speak the same language as his home, its interiors designed by Kate herself. “Serene, modern lines are Kate’s trademark,” explains Inese. This meant designing a crisp, squared-off layout. Kate, meanwhile, focused on sourcing functional and beautiful furniture, and carrying the home’s high-contrast palette outdoors. The result is a garden that’s a breeze to maintain — and enjoy.

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