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May 18, 2021

Artful Accessories & Natural Textures Add Personality To This White Kitchen

It’s hard to believe that designer Stephanie Houghton’s 154-square-foot kitchen — with its stylish and soulful attitude — was once an ’80s box lacking warmth. Tackling the sterile vibe was simple: she gutted the space, installed custom cabinets and replaced the old island with a work table. Adding personality was trickier. “I wanted to create some areas that could be used for vignettes,” says Stephanie, who co-owns Emily Griffin Design. So in one wall of built-ins, which disguises the pantry and refrigerator, she carved out a nook for pretty things. She also made room for art by forgoing some upper cabinets. “Just like the walls of an art gallery, it’s the details you add that make white kitchens interesting,” she says.

Now Stephanie’s collections are on permanent display, from a Frida Kahlo–inspired piece of art to a pair of woven bird’s nest baskets on the wall. Judicious hits of wood, including the brass-wheeled table and counter stools, warm up the space. When she isn’t expecting company, the recessed bar is a spot for colorful blooms. “I fill my beautiful vase with fresh flowers and enjoy them every day,” she says.

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Author: Harleen Sidhu

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Stephanie Houghton, Emily Griffin Design