Artist File

April 9, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Keiran Brennan Hinton On Painting The Personal

In our column, Artist File, art advisor Diana Hamm of WK ART shares the artists that have caught her eye.

The Artist: Keiran Brennan Hinton is a Toronto-born, New York–based artist who explores intimate moments through paint. Often working in a small scale, his paintings are like portraits, minus the sitter. Focusing on interior and exterior scenes that have a connection to Keiran, these paintings feel journalistic, or as though the viewer is reading his diary.

The Works: I’ve written before about the resurgence of figurative art, and 2020 seemed to be defined by this — in both portraiture and still life paintings of interiors. I think this stems from a desire to connect and depict something of personal meaning. Keiran’s work beautifully portrays this trend; he creates narrative scenes that invite the viewer to linger and experience an intimate moment in the lives of the people who inhabit Keiran’s spaces. “For me, it’s about slowing down and becoming conscious of what’s in front of me,” says Keiran. “Painting from life helps me feel connected to myself, and I hope for that sense of connection and care to extend to the viewer. It’s about making an image that wants to be looked at slowly.”

Author: Diana Hamm

Courtesy of Keiran Brennan Hinton (Keiran’s portrait)


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