May 5, 2020

Feasby & Bleeks’ Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Erin Feasby (left) and Cindy Bleeks regularly appear in the pages of H&H and are proven reader favorites (they were voted our 2019 Home Of The Year). The childhood friends’ Toronto design studio has been a source of inspiring interiors since 2009. Known for creating spaces that are comfortable and family-friendly yet sophisticated, they certainly know how to design a gorgeous bathroom. Erin and Cindy share advice to zone in on the planning and priorities you need to make — long before you pull up a shopping cart. If you’re dreaming about upgrading your own bathroom, scroll down to discover their on-point tips for bringing your vision closer to reality.

Author: Wendy Jacob

Erin Feasby & Cindy Bleeks, Feasby & Bleeks Design