Decorating & Design

May 19, 2020

How To Bring The Cottage To Your City Backyard

Senior interiors director Stacy Begg shares her tips for getting a cottage look in your urban oasis.

The call of cottage country happens every summer for many of us, but this year, it might be difficult to actually get there. What is the draw of fleeing urban life? For me, it is a slower way of life, fresh air, open spaces and simple pleasures. Something I look forward to each summer is sitting on the lawn at my cottage with a gin and tonic in hand, overlooking the lake and chatting with one of my siblings as our children play nearby. It’s as simple as that — just taking the time to relax and connect with the people you love. As much as I enjoy the cottage lifestyle, this can be done anywhere — including the city. Here are a few design ideas for bringing the cottage feel home to the city. But first: pour yourself a drink, and sit back and relax!