Decorating & Design

October 26, 2021

Designer Spotlight: Michael Godmer On Down-To-Earth Design

When Michael Godmer moved to Montreal from a suburb far outside the city, he fell in love. “It’s a place that has adopted a European way of life,” he says, “romantic, convivial and a hub for design and craftsmanship. It continuously inspires me.” A graduate of interior design from Cégep Marie Victorin and environmental design from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Michael’s namesake practice is heavily inspired by the elements of his surroundings, with an approach to residential and commercial design that leverages object, architecture and territory.

Celebrating 11 years in the industry, he and partner Mathieu Turgeon have marked the occasion with the renovation of their Victorian-era home/studio in the city’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. Called Maison-Boutique Coloniale, the 1,800-square-foot project encapsulates Michael’s gift of harmonizing sleek, contemporary style with a down-to-earth feel. Scroll down to see how his knack for natural materials and curated finishings inspired the WFH sanctuary.