July 2, 2019

See How This Designer Renovated Her Childhood Home On A Budget

Homeowner and designer Francesca Albertazzi shares how moving back in with her mother was the greatest investment.

“When I was 12 years old, I was always thinking about how I would redesign our house. It was a childhood dream of mine: scheming about how to make the kitchen larger, carving out a space in the attic for a bedroom and bathroom, creating an oasis for abandoned animals. The house wasn’t ritzy — an early 1900s Craftsman-style home in East Vancouver with just one floor and an unfinished basement — but the details were beautiful.

My husband proposed that we redesign the family home and all three (my mother included) live together under one roof. I thought it was an amazing idea. So, for Christmas in 2014, we surprised my mom with a sketch of the design and I said, “Let’s all live together — Italian style!” My mom was thrilled.”

Author: As told to Samantha Edwards

Janis Nicolay


House & Home June 2019