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June 8, 2017

DIY: Wall-Mounted Hat Rack

Senior Design Editor Joel Bray shares step-by-step instructions for a cottage-ready hat rack made from inexpensive wood and pegs. 

Joel-Bray-FeaturedImgLet’s face it: storage is something we could all use a little more of, especially when it looks good and is easy to build yourself. This wooden wall rack is an artistic way to display a collection and it can change seasonally — show off straw hats in the summer and swap in woolly scarves and felt fedoras come winter.

Leaving the rack and hooks raw, without paint or stain, gives it a simple Scandi sensibility. We painted the wall in a serene blue that allows the honey-colored wood to stand out. Keep in mind, the larger the rack the greater the impact.

DIY hat rack

Author: As Told To Emily Evans

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