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December 6, 2016

This Log Cabin In The North Pole Is Decorated Like Santa’s House!

If Santa Claus were real, his house would look something like this rustic log cabin in the North Pole. Though it may look more like the set of a Christmas movie, this real house was decorated by its owner to look and feel like somewhere Santa would live.

Described as “a toy-lover’s paradise nestled on 25 idyllic acres at the North Pole — perfect for spirited reindeer games” in the listing, the vintage log house was built in the 1800s and renovated in 2013 with modern-day amenities. The cozy residence, that’s estimated to be worth $656,957 according to Zillow, boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms and “workstations for 50 diminutive craftsmen.” Click through to see for yourselves!

Author: Sabina Sohail

Courtesy of Zillow