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August 28, 2023

Josh Greenbaum And Vogue Homes Create An Elegant And Accessible Retreat

Josh Greenbaum has always had an eye for detail, something he relied on when he started crunching numbers at accounting firm Ernst & Young. That meticulous attention would help him segue into working with Vogue Homes, his family’s construction and development company. In 2018, Josh swapped spreadsheets for Sheetrock and joined the business his grandfather started in the late 1960s. Once he began working with his father on the planning, marketing, construction and selling of Vogue Homes (an uncle and cousin manage the infrastructure side of the business), he discovered a new passion.

“Every time we had a model home, I would get them set up for public viewing,” says Josh. “And the more I was exposed to design, the more enthralled I became.” He helped clients select their finishes in Vogue Homes’ design studio and, on the side, he began advising friends on their own spaces. In 2021, he launched Josh Greenbaum Design, and this custom house by Vogue Homes in Thornhill, Ont., was his firm’s first project. Josh liberally mixes high and low for balance, often installing affordable elements with higher-end finishes like custom plaster details. The principal bathroom’s handmade wall tile looks perfectly imperfect when juxtaposed by a smooth, expansive marble floor. Ribbed glass inserts in the kitchen cabinets break up the millwork, and the front entry’s 20-foot-high ceiling feels less imposing with a frame of applied molding inset with wallpaper along one wall.

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Author: Amanda Ross

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Architectural design by Marco Santos; design by Josh Greenbaum