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November 13, 2019

How Lynda Reeves Decorates For The Holidays

Lynda Reeves shares her new take on holiday decorating.

At House & Home Christmas comes in August. And then for months after that, there are TV segments to tape, studio vignettes to set up and holiday events to prep for. By December 24th, I’m done — I don’t want to see another pine bough, bit of ribbon, holly or ball of any kind! But then there’s still Christmas at home, which I love and can’t ignore. For years, I’ve relied on the same no-fuss formula of table decorations and red candles. No one complained and it was nice but, after a decade, I must change it up.

Using the modern art at home as the inspiration for a fresh take and calling in help from florist Todd Caldwell at Emblem made it easy. I promise you, these are straightforward ideas that you can use to customize your own style. It took me a day to buy supplies and fuss and be crafty. (OK, full disclosure, our craft stylist helped me by making samples of crackers that were amazing!) Now setting the table on December 24th will be simple.

My best tip is to consider your rooms, your china and the things you already have before you pick a new theme. You may like the look of a “Kinfolk Christmas” on the pages of magazines, but kraft paper and pinecones may not bring much style to a classic city house. Here’s what worked for me.

Author: Lynda Reeves

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