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November 13, 2015

Meet Senior Design Editor Morgan Michener’s Dog, Hayley!

Morgan-Michener-FeaturedImgWhen my kids were young they begged us for pet. “A real pet,” they said. Though my husband and I were hesitant at first, our minds were changed when we discovered a breed that was perfect for our family. The Coton de Tuléar is the royal dog of Madagascar. Great companion animals, Cotons are known to be affectionate, intelligent and easily trained. They also have the very softest hair — while still being non-shedding and hypoallergenic. I was sold!

Though we ideally wanted a rescue dog, there were no Cotons available at the time to adopt. I decided to reach out to a breeder, and we had a good chat. I then learned that they had an older, six-year-old dog that just happened to need a home…

Three years later, our family could not imagine life without our lovely lady, who offers nothing but unconditional love. Let me introduce you to our dog Hayley.

Author: Morgan Michener

Morgan Michener