August 20, 2021

Step Inside A Petite Bathroom Inspired By The Pacific Northwest

For a young Vancouver couple’s newly built house, the ensuite bathroom needed to feel rejuvenating. Their last house was bold, punchy and full of personality and, this time, they wanted a more sophisticated look. They had a wish list of luxe elements to include: a water closet, double sinks and soaker tub. Jamie Banfield was the perfect person for the job — for him, elegance and timelessness are always top of mind. However, the room was fairly small, so the challenge was incorporating the dream items without crowding the space. This required a few clever design moves, such as stealing square footage from an adjacent closet to make room for the shower alcove, and turning the tub on an angle to fit it in. A serene palette and layered lighting help create a relaxing feel for the owners, who welcomed a new baby during the design process.

“Rejuvenation kept coming up,” says Jamie. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest locale, he added hints of cool blue-purple and natural stone to bring the outdoors in. To give the room a seamless look and spa-like feel, the flooring continues into the shower alcove, and the rain showerhead is nearly flush with the ceiling.

Jamie also made sure to incorporate texture. “You can lose texture quickly in bathrooms,” he says. “You’re putting in all this glossy tile and glass, smooth counters and polished faucets. Here, we added texture with the shower tile, which has an organic flair, the backsplash pattern and the repetition of the grout.”

In the end, the young family got everything they were hoping for and more. The ensuite is the perfect place to soak away stress and feel refreshed. Scroll down!

Author: Jacklyn Gilmor

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