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October 13, 2020

Visit A New-Build Home With The Soul Of An Old Farmhouse

When a young Toronto family — two busy professionals, Heather and her husband, Jonathan, and their two kids, Vivienne and George — moved into their new country home in Kimberley, Ontario, two years ago, it was a blank slate: the paint was barely dry, the woodwork was pristine and the floors were still unscathed by the posse of little feet to come.

Purchased in 2016, the 20-hectare property had nothing more than a long-abandoned farmhouse and an old barn on it, but the panoramic view of fabled Beaver Valley was so spectacular it gave Heather and Jonathan goosebumps. “Looking back, buying the property was quite a leap of faith,” says Heather. “Our daughter was three years old, our son just four weeks old, and we had never built a house before. But it ended up being one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

The 4,000-square-foot, five-bedroom home they envisioned and had built is a series of interconnected clapboard-clad structures in streamlined, iconic shapes that are inspired by the agrarian aesthetic of the farmland that surrounds it. “We wanted a house we could grow into over the years,” says Heather. Also on their wish list? High ceilings, white walls, oversized windows and a sense of spaciousness. For help, they turned to their dear friend Toronto designer Allison Willson, who had worked with them on the decorating of the family’s home in Toronto. She layered in textures that were as comforting to the eyes as to the touch. “The goal was to make this new house feel lived in and reflective of the family who lives here,” says Allison.

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Author: Barbara Sgroi

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