February 12, 2021

How To Create A Serene Bedroom & Bathroom Oasis With Earthy Hues

As a surface pattern and graphic designer, Kimberly Senn of Senn & Sons spends her days steeped in punchy colors and energetic patterns. But when it came to redesigning her personal sanctuary — a drab bedroom and cramped bathroom in her contemporary Craftsman home in Edina, Minnesota — her design instinct veered in another direction. “I needed a place to rest my eyes,” says Kimberly.

In swooped Victoria Sass, principal and design director of Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Prospect Refuge Studio. “It looked very… 2006. That is to say, dated and a bit dark,” says Victoria. “The wall paint was a dingy taupe, the frieze carpet had seen better days, and the fireplaces were clad in an applied slate tile that had no magic about it.” Yes, fireplaces – plural. Sort of. A two-way fireplace between the bedroom and bathroom provided a challenging opportunity for two complementary tile designs.

Together, the duo created two mellow, tranquil spaces for Kimberly and her husband, Marty – and occasionally their sons, Hugo and Freddie, and pup, Ruthie, too – to ease into each morning and wind down each night.

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