June 10, 2021

Vintage Touches Give This Renovated Bathroom European Flair

“I love it when a room doesn’t look like it’s supposed to look,” says Suzie Richard. This may sound surprising coming from a designer but, for Suzie, using unique pieces in unexpected places is what gives a space soul. It’s also a hallmark of the design firm she runs with Suzie Bergeron, who was the “client” for this Montreal bathroom, along with her husband, Martin. Stripping the 1850s-era space back to its original bones — which included a vaulted ceiling, timber beams and original wooden floors — was a must. Why choose between past and present when you can have the best of both? Scroll down to tour this beautiful bathroom!

Author: Emily Evans

Maxime Desbiens


House & Home June 2021


Nicola Mar


Suzie Richard & Suzie Bergeron, Open Haus Design