August 20, 2018

A Quaint Cottage In Quebec’s Eastern Townships

Bit by bit, Lysanne Pepin turned her cottage in Quebec’s Eastern Townships into a chic hangout that’s as inviting as her lifestyle boutique, Maison Pepin.

“Our cottage is on Libby Lake, which is very quaint. When I found it in 2004, it was just an average, dull house. The cottages in this area have been kept within families and passed down through the generations. It had a third floor added, but the whole thing was done in a very ’80s or ’90s style with lots of Gyprock. At the time, the cottage was for sale but also for rent, so I thought I’d rent it for a summer to see if I liked it. There were big cedars that covered two sides of the property so it was very secluded, and there were huge, 40-foot white pines full of red squirrels and blue jays, with hummingbirds zooming about. After the summer the owner said, ‘You know, if you want to buy the place, I could finance you.’ That’s how I got to buy the cottage.

Being here is about spending quality time with my husband, and my family and loved ones. It’s small, cozy and close to Montreal, so I can stay overnight and commute to work the next morning. This place is where I find my peace in life.”

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Author: Jeremy Freed

Maxime Desbiens


House & Home July 2018