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March 2, 2022

See A Cool Boat-shaped Bungalow With Classic Mid-Century Style

Destiny. Karma. Kismet. Call it what you will, but a mix of providential force and family history must have played a hand in drawing designer Jaclyn Peters to the fixer-upper in Steinbach, Man., that she and her husband, Mark, bought in 2006. You see, growing up, Jaclyn had always known about the angular 2,050-square-foot bungalow designed in the shape of a ship. It had been built in 1971 by a naval officer named Tom Ladobruk who, coincidentally, is Jaclyn’s grandfather’s cousin. When the unique house came on the market, Jaclyn — who was pregnant with their daughter Avery, now 15, and had her 10-month-old daughter Lauryn, now 16, at home — was compelled to take a peek inside because they needed more space. “It was like a time capsule that hadn’t been touched since 1971,” she says. “My husband convinced me that this house was the one.”

Scroll down to see how Jaclyn designed her cool 1970s bungalow!

Author: Barb Sgroi

Ariana Tennyson


House & Home January/February 2022


Jaclyn Peters