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December 28, 2020

This Serene Home Captures The Beauty Of Pacific Northwest Style

What’s more West Coast Canadian than being inspired by the landscape? “I’m very influenced by place,” says Vancouver-based designer Sophie Burke, who was named House & Home‘s Designer of the Year in our December issue. “I work in that Northern palette of cooler blues and grays mixed in with natural wood for warmth.” Her use of organic materials such as Douglas fir and hemlock are often taken directly from the Pacific Northwest. Her designs combine Conran-style modernism with a West Coast spirit, creating a look that feels completely of the moment. “Our spaces don’t look like they come out of a showroom,” says Sophie. “It’s about the mix of layers and a natural, softer palette.”

The Edgemont House in North Vancouver embodies Sophie’s signature traits. It’s a new-build, but the clients — Derick Fluker and Amy Chapman-Fluker — wanted something that felt timeless. “Derick was leaning toward contemporary and Amy wanted traditional,” says Sophie. “In the end, we found a balance.” Sawcut white oak panelling throughout the home is random-matched to add rustic flavor, instead of the more expected slip-match veneer. And even though the home may be compiled of serene spaces, Sophie never loses sight of the living that’s taking place inside, which is, at times, messy and chaotic. “Functionality is really important to me and the firm,” she says. “I have three kids and a dog, and I know they’re doing everything they can to destroy the house, at all times!”

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Author: Wendy Jacob

Ema Peter


House & Home December 2020


Sophie Burke; Architecture by Robert Blaney