Decorating & Design

May 15, 2022

Tour A Vancouver Home With French Country Flair

In 2012, after four years of running her design practice, Jamie Deck decided to make a shift in her business. “The big change we made was really focussing on families and bettering people’s environments in their homes to elevate their lifestyles,” says the designer. The new direction of her firm led to the launch of Shift Interiors, a full-service design studio based out of Vancouver. Ten years in, Jamie’s design principles haven’t changed, and she places a strong emphasis on wellness and pulling inspiration from natural material. “We really lean into the earthy elements of a home; metal, stone and wood.”

This design ethos is carried out in one of her recent new-build projects in the city’s Riley Park-Little Mountain neighborhood. Jamie used a monochromatic palette and layered in warm woods and texture in order to create a harmonized aesthetic that doesn’t feel cold. “When you’re designing an all-white house,  you have to layer it up with textures in order for it to feel homey,” she says.

Scroll down for a look inside the new-build home that has a French country feel!