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April 26, 2023

Trendspotting: Find The Must-have Elements In This Vancouver Reno

A young family was poised to move back into their Early Dutch Revival–style house in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood following a major renovation when an electrical fire broke out, torching the roof and attic while sprinklers flooded the main floor and basement. No one was injured, but the fire was a heartbreaker. “Afterward, I was on the phone with our client, and she was obviously distraught,” says designer Gillian Segal. “She recalled that we had debated the best exterior paint color, and she said, dryly, ‘On the bright side, the paint color looks great on the news.’” You might expect Gillian’s clients to use the fire as a chance to rethink a few things. But they didn’t. The goal of opening up the space while maintaining the classic beauty of the house was unchanged.

Scroll down to see how this Vancouver home rose from the ashes for a fresh take on modern living — while kicking off 2023’s hottest trends. Can you spot them?

Author: Wendy Jacob

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Gillian Segal and lauren Goldsby