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September 21, 2023

Unlock Your Culinary Potential by Bringing Versatility to Your Cooking

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Thermador’s Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range provides the versatility to create exceptional culinary experiences. With an extra-large frameless cooking surface to accommodate various pot sizes and a smooth, easy-to-clean stovetop, Thermador combines exclusive features with the power of a convection oven for the ultimate in innovative, at-home cuisine.

INDUCTION: Unlike gas or electric stove tops, induction has a large, useable glass surface area that consists of heating coils. These heating coils use an electric current that produces and applies heat directly to your pan – not the area around it – preventing heat loss. This direct heat connection increases cooking speed and offers precise temperature control while allowing the surrounding area to stay cool. Thanks to the flat surface, clean-up is also quick and easy.