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## What is RSS?
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. This allows you place free newsfeeds into homepages such as iGoogle, My Yahoo!, My MSN, Microsoft Live and Netvibes, web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, and RSS readers such as Google Reader. When you load up your home page with your favourite RSS feeds, you’re creating a customized page with all of the news that’s most important to you. Subscribing to one of the RSS feeds means that you’ll know every time we add a new article, blog, gallery or video to the site.

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Getting started is as simple as clicking on one of the subscribe buttons above. Then, you need to decide which RSS reader you want to use. Is there a portal or website that you typically visit many times a day to get news, email and perform searches? If so, that’s probably your best bet for an RSS reader. If you have Hotmail or Sympatico email accounts, for example, consider the Microsoft Live (My MSN) reader. If you use Rogers or Yahoo email, you may want to select My Yahoo! Or, if you use many times a day, iGoogle might be the best RSS reader for you. You can also customize the start page of a variety of Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once you’ve set up your page, you can log on anytime to see all of your newsfeeds. To add new newsfeeds, simply click on the little RSS feed square on your favourite websites.

## Why subscribe to the House and Home RSS feeds?
The House and Home RSS feeds update automatically whenever new content is added to the site — which means you get immediate access to the latest design tips, videos, articles and recipes from your RSS reader.

## How do I put a House and Home RSS feed on my web page?
If you choose to include a House and Home feed on your website, please attribute it as “” We reserve the right to prevent the distribution of House and Home content. House and Home does not accept any liability for its RSS feeds.